Last modified: December 15 2020

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

These are summarizations of the actual questions that we get asked regarding and its friends!
  1. Why isn't my favorite station on the list?

    This is a list of radio stations that have information published about them available on the Internet. If a radio station is not on this list it is because we are unaware that it has a web page or their owner don't want to publish anythink on the net!

  2. Can you send me a list of email addresses for all the radio stations on your list?

    No!!!. Under our new rules, we don't send any list to the users. If you wanna some data, please navigate through our pages!

  3. I sent you a URL for a radio station several weeks ago, but it hasn't been updated yet. What's the deal?

    Every time someone compile the special "radio-form", before publishing, we want to check every data. With the new concept of we received a lot of a new requests. Please patience!
If your question was not answered here, please write to: [email protected]