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If this is the first time to our site and you haven't an account in audiradio, you must give it one! In the left menu, you can click on "Become A Member".

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Now you can choose a username to login in our database...

right nick

If your username is free, you see a message like "The login name you choosed, is free for you!"


Now you must insert all other information about you: we only know your name, pastename and obviously you e-mail. We never use your data to SPAM or to send other commercial news. We collect your data only for inform you about audiradio.

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After this message, we send you an email like this:

Welcome! Your confirmation is needed for the activation of your account.
To activate your account just click on the following link (or copy and past it in your browser):[email protected]&Code=xxxxx

Or you can point your browser to:
and use the following data:

Your Email: [email protected]
Your Code: xxxxx

FYI, in the following the data to login to your account:


Login = audiradio
Password = xxxyyy


This is an example of the mail that you must receive with the simple instruction. Now you can click on the link that appear in e-mail or link to and insert your e-mail and the code that you see in your email!

become a memeber of audiradio club
Now you can return at our main page. At the left menu you can insert the username and password to login in our radiodatabase. After click on the LOGIN button.


Now you are logged !!! (At the left menu you see STATUS : LOGGED). You can now insert all informations, click on ADD RADIO and follow the simple instructions! REMEMBER, at the work-end, TO LOGOUT!

That's all. Remember that in our database stay over 7.600 radiostations; everyone
with a lot of informations. Thanks to use our free services (No Pay,
No SPAM, No Spot, No Banner).


Thank you.
P.R.K.M., master in
Gil the Big, audiradio-engineer
Riccardo,Carlo from Italy
Paolo Remonato,Peter Sunnydee, USA contact and developers
Neeltje van Rijswijd, Elizabeth Simon, assistants

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