Company Profile (en)

audiradio english  English is born from the experience, which started at the beginning of 1998, when started the site In this site, since the beginning, we published many pages about the broadcast sector and, particularly, we created the first list with the main italian radio stations' address. Seeing that some of use were coming from italian radios and discotheques' field, we created also some pages reserved to history of the first italian radios, which started from 1974, and that, for more or less 10 years, marked the wireless age in our originating country.

The site created an immediately growing interests, since it arrived (without too much advertising) to be mentioned in specialized reviews of the sector as an emerging site and as a point of reference. In we did not speak only about radio and music, but we created virtual spaces also for other activities, not last the one about web design. Since then we have always try to keep a constant site's adjournment until the beginning of the new millennium, when we have decided to give a particular denomination to the telecommunications' field and to devide other sectors.

That is why, in the first days of 2000 started the new It is an ambitious awork, which wants to bring the new site to be the portal dedicated to all the broadcast telecommunications' sectors. That is why we created one of the biggest and more up-to-date list of all the radios of the world. Think that, until today, we have collected more than 7.500 broadcasting stations; but these data are going to be exceeded, because of the continuous adjournment, that the radio operators are continuously doing. The site does not publish radio data only: we have already put into motion a new service Dj home page, which offers to all disk jockeys the possibility to create some own pages inside our site for free. Because of this and others initiatives (always free!) we have realized and we are going to prepare, the site is visited every day by people of the field and fans, who love music and want to know always more about it.

Certainly, it is not easy to offer all this without any remuneration by the consumers, but our objective is to create a point of reference for everyone, where you can always find useful advice and the funniest news. The only point of survival is advertising, that we put in our pages. For this important step we have delegated some experts, who control that advertising is connected with subjects we treat, but, above all, that the banners putted do not disturb our costumers. In conclusion, we want that the ones, who visit our site, are satisfied of it, so they will return to our pages. By the way, we are preparing games and prizes with many news, but we are going to talk about this, shortly.